Primary Processing

We operate a high specification abattoir facility that processes high quality beef and lamb for retail, wholesale and international markets.

Our expertise begins on the farm with livestock producers and we source all our animals direct from farm to ensure traceability and quality. We understand the whole chain and we offer our customers the best in lamb and beef to their exact specifications.

Contract Processing

We cater for meat companies and retailers direct with contract primary processing services with short, medium and long term arrangements welcome. Our abattoir is located in the heart of sheep and beef production in Wales, making it an ideal choice for access to stock, assurance and traceability.

Meat Processing

We operate a state-of-the-art automated processing facility, handling over 15,000 lamb carcases every week.  Together with traditional butchery skills, we can ensure products reach individual customers specifications. Our butchers are fully trained and operate within a dedicated team environment where knowledge and experience is shared and developed for continuous improvement.

Retail Packing

We have flexible processing and packing facilities that offer a range of options to suit customers’ needs. From modified atmosphere packing the latest Darfreshtm technology, we process and pack fresh lamb to the highest quality and specification standards for wholesale and retail.

Provenance and traceability is important to us and consumers. We provide full traceability for all our products, following every animal from the farm through primary processing, cutting and packing and into the supply chain.