Randall Parker Food Group

The Randall Parker Food Group is an impressive group of companies with an exceptional reputation for quality, experience and choice within meat supply throughout the world.

We are committed to providing the finest meat products to you and your customer and our experience enables us to understand all your requirements.

Randall Parker Food Group

Contact: +44 (0) 1264 773 545 or email us at enquiries.andover@randallparkerfoods.com

Randall Parker Food Group


One of our major strengths is in our procurement and our supply base is second to none. Our key point-of-difference is our links with livestock farming and livestock farmers. We buy all our lambs direct from farm to ensure traceability, quality and animal welfare. We source our stock from around the UK through our own dedicated supply network.

We serve a large range of customers and our access to and knowledge of UK livestock production gives us the ability to supply a diverse customer base all year ‘round.

Working in partnership with our suppliers is core to our business and our customers enjoy direct contact with our farmers for knowledge, innovation, assurance and sustainable development.

Deadweight Supply

We buy 100% of our stock direct and on a deadweight basis, which means producers benefit from direct contact and feedback from the abattoir and we pay for the quality of livestock supplied.

Livestock information: